Mr. Matsuura: (K-4th) MART/Gifted



Copper Trails School
Summer 2019!

Another school year complete. The students did a lot in music with boomwhackers, ukuleles and the Winter Concert.  The students also did a lot in art with painting, sketching, and drawing.

Have a great summer!  

Important Dates
May 27-August 2: Summer Break
August 1: Meet the Teacher
August 5:  First Day of School

Communication:  My primary source of communication is via


You can also reach me at :  623-772-4144


  • If your child is absent, please contact the front office at  772-4101.  
  • Please be at school by 8:10. Tardies affect perfect attendance.


Monday  Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Day 5
Robinson (K) Steinmann (K)  TAG (music) 4th-8th Gaines/McGary/Vargas(K) 
Fuentes (1st)   Santori (1st) TAG (music) 2-3
Gaines/McGary/Vargas  (1st) Grijalva (1st)
 Ploium (2nd)  Murray (2nd)  TAG (art) 4th
 Moore/Rivera/Staniforth (2nd)  Byron (2nd)
McHale/Wyatt/Tamayo (3rd)  Soto (3rd)
 Brownd (3rd)  Katz (3rd)
Gargano (4th) Vandenburg(4th)
 Preciado (4th) Bradley (4th) ASU (4th)




Important School Information

School Day
1. School starts at 8:15 and ends at 3:40.
2. Wednesday is an early release day. The school day is 8:15 -12:25.

Contact Information
E-mail is the best way for me to communicate.  I check my e-mail everyday in the morning, evening, lunch and prep time.  In addition I check during the weekends and holidays.

Class Rules
1.  Listen and follow directions
2.  Respect my friend's learning
3.  Respect my friends and their belongings
4.  Keep hands, feet and objects to myself
5.  Be kind with my words
6.  Wear my school uniform correctly 

For your child’s safety, please double knot your child’s shoes.  Please have your child wear appropriate footwear on the days they have fitness class.


DIBELS is a reading assessment that is administered 3 times during the school year.  DIBELS reports are filled with acronyms and numbers.

Here are the definitions for the acronyms.

BOY = beginning of the year
MOY = middle of the year
EOY = end of the year

FSF = first sound fluency (assessed BOY and MOY)

LNF = letter naming fluency (assessed BOY, MOY and EOY.  There is no goal for this assessment.)

PSF = phoneme segmentation fluency (assessed MOY and EOY)
Students "bounce out" words to test their phonemic awareness skills.

NWF (cls)= nonsense word fluency (correct letter sound) (assessed MOY and EOY)
Students read nonsense words to test their phonics skills.

NWF (wwr) = nonsense word fluency (whole word read) (assessed MOY and EOY)

On the DIBELS report, the top number for each assessment is your child'sscore.  The bottom number is the goal for that assessment.  The goalsincrease as the school year progresses.


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