Classroom Management

Classroom Management:  

Our Classroom Expectations are:

  • We will follow directions quickly.
  • We will listen when others are speaking.
  • We respect ourselves, our friends, and our surroundings.
  • We use good manners and kinds words.
  • We are caring friends.
  • We always do our best work.
  • We wear our uniform correctly.

Our classroom has a "Clip Chart" to help promote positive choices.  Please check your child's agenda daily to see what color they ended the day on. If your child ends the day on red I will include an explanation for what happened. 
The different colors/levels are:

  • Pink = Outstanding
  • Green = Ready to Learn {Every student starts on Green each day}
  • Yellow = Think About It
  • Orange = Time Away from recess
  • Red = Parent contact