Mr. Beneschan: ELA


bio pic Having worked as a teacher, a school bus and truck driver, a musician, a pastor, having been a youth baseball, basketball, and track coach, and (most importantly) being a husband of over twenty years and a father of three children, I bring a wide variety of personal and professional experiences to share in the classroom.  Through all these experiences I have discovered the importance of verbal communication (English Language Arts) as more than just an academic exercise, but a vital skill that affects us in just about every arena.

It is my passion to help students discover the importance of this key subject, and then to have the tools to achieve the greatest success to the best of their abilities!


Please contact me at 623.772.4100 or



Argumentative Essay Paragraph 6 (Conclusion) Due Monday, 01/14 Context Clues Test (d) Tuesday, 01/15 Newsela Article Worksheet (Should Teens Work?) Due Thursday, 01/17 Spelling Test #12 Friday, 01/18 Word Power #13* Due Friday, 01/18
*Sporcle quizzes have been provided as opportunities to practice for some tests. Sporcle quizzes can be played over and over until a student is proficient. Links to all the Sporcle quizzes can be found in Google Classroom.