Discipline Form

Classroom Discipline
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1.    Respect yourself and others.
2.    Come to school prepared to learn.
3.    Follow directions.
4.    Be safe. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself at all times.
5.    Respect all personal and school property.

In our classroom there is a pocket chart space with your child's number on it. This will display the level at which your child is maintaining his/her behavior. Each color card represents something different.
Green:    Terrific day of learning!
Yellow:    Verbal warning and reminder of the rules.
Orange: Time out away from class activities; may include loss of recess.
Pink:    Call or note to the parent.
White:    Sent to the office.
Verbal praise, Blue Tickets, Fun Friday, copper coins,
Table Points, Note or call home to parents
Additional reward opportunities:
Snow Cones, Lunch with the Teacher
If your child reaches an orange, pink, or white card, please speak to your child and help him/her to think of other possible actions that he or she might have taken instead. Also, suggest that he or she try the new approach the next day. Remember we all make bad choices from time to time. A negative pattern of behavior will be handled individually. Please be sure to check you child's agenda daily. Card changes will be recorded on their agendas. Your daily check and signature/initials will help support a classroom atmosphere more conductive to learning.
Thank you!
Please read and discuss the above with your child so that he/she is fully aware of the rules and consequences.
I have read the above behavior management plan and agree to and understand the discipline policy.
Parent Signature____________________________    Date_____________________
Student Signature___________________________    Date_____________________