1st Grade Links
Parents and Teachers
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Jill First Grade Class
This is a first grade website with lots of activities you can make at home to help your child. Hope you enjoy it.http://jilltsfirstgradeclass.blogspot.com/
Websites for Kids, parents & Teachers
Different sites for all.
Reading Website for the Reading Core
You can use this site tp practice reading, grammar, spelling
Words separated by Onset and rime and Phonemes
Audio clips: Great for parents who want to help thier child with onset and rime: example b-ag. Or words separated by letters: example: f.i.sh
Colorin Colorado
Great site for parents and teachers. It's written both in English and Spanish.
Dr Jean songs and Activites for young Children
Click on activites of the month. Lots of great ideas.
Florida Center for Reading activites
On this site parents and teachers will find many student activities. Scroll down and click on Phononlogical awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary or comprehension
Fluency Reading Cards
(Credit:htt://www.hellofirstgrade.com)Print them on cardstock. Place them in a gift bag and let children select one. According to research, it is important to reread the same selection three or four times. With these cards, it will be exciting to “change voices” and do repeated readings. Hint!Children could also use these when they do buddy reading.
Literacy and Language
Parents and teachers you will find many wonderful ideas on this site.(Credit: www.hellofirstgrade.com)
Carl's Corner
Here you will find the cards for stations and many ideas.
Leveling Books
Great site for parents and teachers for leveling books by grade.
Lots of powerpoint presentations
Powertpoint presentations: math, science, language arts, history, geography, ancient history etc..
Many entertaining activities
A Garfield site that has math, reading and science activities. It will tickle your brain.
Math games
MAth games
This is a fun site to learn math facts, and spelling. Kids will love to copete with students from other countries.
Most common Letter Combination Sounds
This page contains audios of the most common sounds for letter combination.
National Geopgraphic for Kids
You and your child can enjoy many current events on this site
PBS in Spanish
A site for Spanish speaking families. Un sitio para las familias de habla Espanol.
Play Jeopardy Games
Permissio given by Mrs. Ziruolo to add her link to my webpage. The activities on this link match up with our reading core program.
Science Foss Web
On this site you can help your child with science: Our classroom is working on Pebbles and silt.
Smithzonian Natioanl Zoological Park (web. cam)
Your students will be able to watch animals on live cams.
Spelling Words and games
This site has the same spelling Words we use. They were made by: crcsd grade 1's Arthur Elementary School 2630 B AVE NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 US
WhiteHouse 101 facts and fun for all ages
Be on top of the latest news at the White House.
Reading Sites
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Irregular Verb
Irregular Verbs
Irregular Verb Matching
Clifford Reading
Math Aracade
On this site you will find many reading activities
Stories Online
Stories that are read by celebrities.
PBS Kids
This website contains synonyms, word way, blending, and etc.
Sing and Read Along
This website has nursey rhymes with lyrics and music.
Fun Brain Reading
The Berenstain Bears
Subtraction Game
Try to beat the jetski players with subtraction facts.
Alien addition
Try to beat the alien spaceship using addition facts.
Math Sites
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Telling Time
Telling Time
Addition Game
Try to beat the jetski playsers with addition facts.
Alien addition
On this site your child will be able to work on 2 digit addition.
Minus Mission
On this site you and your child can work on subtraction skills.
Penguin Party addition
Word Problems with thinking blocks
Students learn how to quickly solve word problems involving addition and subtraction using blocks. Challenging game.
Math counting by 2 matching dots
cool math for kids
Interactive Clock
Education games
Icy Slides, Flips and Turns (Tesselations for students who are ready for extensions.
Math Games
Money Counting Game
Money Game
Adding 2 digit numbers
Adding Money Game
Addition Games
Word Problems
Word Problem Games
word Problem Games
On this site you can have your child or students work on math problems.
Reading sites
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Kids World
Students learn about taking care of their teeth
Cave Maze long vowel a
The students will play with words with long vowel a
Game Goo
Kids games
Construct a word
The students construct words with -op, -at etc. endings
Berenstain Bears
Here you can choose a word to make a story (fun and funn) Pack a picnic is fun and interactive.
Interactive reading program for students.
Word Frog
Word Frog provides practice in matching antonyms, synonyms and homonyms.
Word Invasion
On this site your child will be working on identifying nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions.
Coconut vowels
Coconut vowels provides practice in spelling. You must match the the missing leters to the correct word coconut before it reaches the beach. Fun game and a little challenging
Capital Penguins
On this site you will try to get the penguin to the correct state by matching it to the correct capital.
Stories Online
On this site you will be able to listen to 21 stories read by actors. Your child will be able to read along.
Fuzzy Lion
Word play. On this site your child will listen and identify the missing letters to complete a word.