Web Resources

AZMerit Testing - See this link for general information.


Common Core Math Resource - Lafayette Parish School System
This website has a parent newsletter for each topic taught within each module.  This will give you a good overview of the topics on which we are working.  Also, there are links to videos which explain the topics even further.  This is a great parent resource!

ommon Core Math Resource - Oakdale Joint Unified School District
Find parent newsletters to learn about the math strategies that are/will be taught in class and give you some background information.  You can also find information for other grade levels on this site, in case you want to challenge your child, or back up and review some earlier concepts to strengthen your child's foundation.

For Kids! Math Magician
Practice math facts - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.  You can choose a level and specific facts with which to work.  Race against your best score to improve!

For Kids! Graph Showcase
We work on graphing throughout the school year.  It is an important skill, not only to know how to create a graph, but also to analyze the data contained within the graph and be able to answer questions using this data.  This website has student-made bar graphs and kid-created questions.  Check them out!  Try collecting some data yourself and creating a bar graph and questions of your very own.  Send the graph to me and I can post it on our website!

For Kids!  dreambox Learning
Play interactive games here involving skills such as number recognition, place value, mental math, addition, and subtraction - at various levels.  Don't shy away from the games designated for kindergarten!  These are skills that many kids have not yet mastered - and they are FUN! 

For Kids!  Becoming Lord Voldemath
Practice specific math facts with a fun Harry Potter theme.


This blog is a fantastic resource for parents who wish to help their child with reading.  The author shares suggestions for things such as, what to do when your child is stuck on a word, what kinds of questions you can ask for comprehension, and gives a list of reading strategies other than just sounding it out.  There are also links to other reading resources.  

Reading Rockets
Here is a great parent resource for reading.  Here you will find author interviews, (which I personally have found quite inspiring), book lists, reading app recommendations, and a ton more. 

This is an amazing website including book reviews and lists.  The reviews are detailed and include age suggestions.  You can search for books by title, author, genre, and more.  This is a useful resource when not sure where to go for your next book selection.  I highly recommend checking it out.

Book Wizard
Use the Scholastic Book Wizard to level books you have, to find out if they are just right for your child.  Even if you do not know your child's exact grade level equivalency, check the reading level and then have your child read a page in the book, one with plenty of text.  Try the "Five Finger Test".  Each time your child comes upon a word that he/she cannot read - or a completely unfamiliar vocabulary word - hold up one finger.  A general guideline is 0-1 fingers = too easy; 2-3 fingers = just right; 4-5 fingers = too difficult.  Then, once you have an idea of where your child is at that particular level, you can use this knowledge to help you pick other books that may be just right for your child. 

Decorah Eagles

We have been observing the Decorah Eagles in class on their live Ustream webcam.  Through some research and observations we've learned about their habitat, behaviors, and have developed some unanswered questions to explore over time.  Check out these amazing raptors yourselves!