Reading Incentive - Schoolwide
Reading Incentive Our schoolwide reading incentive is a great way to motivate students to read with voracity!  Let's get those kids into books!!!

In third grade, every 15 minutes of reading is counted as one book. This is to encourage children to read all levels of books - those that are just right for them, and not read simply to reach their goal of 100 or more books.

Only books read outside of school hours are counted toward the reading incentive.

Record all reading on the monthly reading calendar.  All reading calendars must be signed by an adult and minutes totaled to be counted toward the reading incentive.

Prizes are as follows:

25 Books: Sticker
50 Books: Bookmark
75 Books: Reading Certificate
100 Books: T-shirt
200 Books (and all following 100s): A free book or select a small prize!