What's My Number?
What's My Number is a game we are using in our classroom.  Jason had the wonderful idea of having access to the game board online... so here it is.  Thanks Jason! 

To play:

1.  Player 1 selects a range of numbers and writes it on the number line.  For example, imagine this is a number line:

       0                                                                                              10

2.  Player 1 selects a secret number within the selected range.

3.  Player 2 takes a guess at a number and then places the number on the number line in the appropriate place. 

4.  Player 1 places the guessed number on the chart in either "My numer is greater than...", "My nubmer is less than...", or "My number is..." 

5.  Player 2 uses the information player 1 writes in the chart to take new guesses until the number has been identified.

6.  Challenge yourelf by chosing a larger range of numbers, such as 0 - 20 or 0 - 100.  Player 2 will have to figure out how to appropriately place the nubmers on the number line (think skip counting).  This can be very difficult and a lot of fun.  Give it a try! 

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