Gifted and Talented Program

Copper Trails School

Gifted and Talented Programs

Copper Trails School is committed to the special education for gifted and talented students to help them develop their extraordinary abilities and recognizes that gifted and talented students in this school have unique values, needs, and talents. The program for students is designed to aid in the optimum development of their intellectual, emotional, and social abilities and to honor the diversity among the identified gifted and talented students through the provision of varied placement options and differentiated and more challenging curriculum.

Copper Trails offers a differentiated curriculum in language arts, social studies, math and science.  The curriculum is presented with a greater depth and complexity, requiring higher-level thinking.  All 1st through 3rd grade students have the ability to participate in a honors program that is facilitated through a self-contained model. While the 4th - 5th grade students receive instruction in classes facilitated by highly effective subject specific instructors. Finally, the middle school students, 6th-8th grades, may select a variety of honor courses in all content areas. In addition to participating in the honors classes all 1st-8th grade students identified as gifted will also participate in the Project Think program.

Project Think is an academic enrichment program designed to stimulate and motivate students to reach out to a wide variety of interest areas. Exceptional educators motivate children to develop thinking skills which will enable them to participate and succeed in a growing, challenging 21st century. Emphasis is on active learning; children learn by using all of their senses in hands-on activities. The class provides a small ratio of students to instructor, enabling them to offer small group and individual instruction. Local field trips and professional guest speakers enhance the program. Students participate in quarterly nights to experience a variety of activities with other gifted learners and present a Passion Project at the end of the year to highlight their individual learning.  

Copper Trails offers a fine arts program for students in fields of fine or performing arts and technology classes.  All students K-5 are exposed to a variety of classes through special area courses.  Middle School students have the opportunity to not only participate in the special area program, but  also to select electives specific to their interests.  Students identified as excelling in fine or performing arts are provided with enriched art or music lessons. Artist and performers present their projects or participate in performances each semester.

The Avondale Elementary School District supports our students a variety of ways as well. For more detail please review the information available on the district's webpage.