Student Handbook

Student Handbooks


We believe all students have the right to learn.  We feel all students have a responsibility to follow school policy in a manner that does not prevent teachers from teaching, prevent students from learning, or violate the best interest of any individual in the school or community.

The behavior of students is of the utmost concern to all school personnel.  All school personnel are responsible for enforcing the Copper Trails Code of Conduct and setting the tone for student behavior while on the school grounds.  Because the classroom teacher is closest to the student, he/she will be primarily responsible for student behavior on the school grounds and in the classroom.  All teachers will establish fair and consistent rules and consequences for maintaining good classroom discipline.

The rules for the conduct of the students in the classroom should be established and explained the first day of school.  Teachers will enforce these guidelines early for student conduct, enforce these guidelines with consistency, and set a good example themselves.

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