School Wide Student Incentive Programs

a  Attendance

A student’s daily attendance is one of the most important ways to ensure success. It is important for students to arrive to school on time and ready to learn. To encourage to students to meet attendance expectations Copper Trails has established an incentive program to recognize their achievement.


b Individual:

Students who have perfect attendance each quarter are given a certificate of recognition

accompanied by a small award.


Students who have perfect attendance for the year are given a certificate of recognition

accompanied by an award.


c  Class:  

The class with the best attendance record for the month is recognized during the morning announcements and awarded with “free dress” each Wednesday of the following month.

After a class receives 10 days of perfect attendance the entire class receives a special award such

as an extra recess or free dress.


d      Howling Coyote

One student from each homeroom is selected on a monthly basis by the teacher to be recognized for his/her continuous achievements in academics and behavior. The student who receives this recognition receives a certificate and award during the student recognition assembly.


e   Student Recognition Assemblies

Each quarter assemblies are held for students to be recognized for there successes. Students from every class are awarded for helping Copper Trails be a respectful community for learning. Parents and other family members are invited to attend the assemblies to help celebrate their student’s success.


f   Copper Coins

 A Copper Coin is given to any student who is caught showing their character. Students place the coin into a bin located in the library for their grade level. Each month several are drawn and students are able to choose from various prizes. The Copper Coins that are not chosen are placed into a bin until the end of the quarter. At that time there will be an additional drawing for larger prizes.

g    P.A.A.C.K Achievements

The PAACK Achievements is a leveled school incentive program that allows for the recognition of all students. Students have the opportunity to earn awards for reaching goals in Participation, Academics, Attendance, Character, and Kids @ Hope (Out of school achievements).