Mr. Verlei: Math

Welcome. I am Mr. Verlei. I am new to Copper Trails and Avondale School District. This is my sixth year as a certified teacher, but I have worked in public schools for over a decade. Most recently I taught at an excellent charter school in Maryvale called E.A.G.L.E. College Prep. Now I'm taking this opportunity to serve the kids in my own neighborhood.

Mathematics is the universal language by which all things in nature can be explained. While there are many different ways to arrive at the solution to a problem, there is almost always only one solution. I love this about math. It is also a highly applicable set of skills. Rarely an hour goes by that our brains are not calculating solutions to problems of space, time, or money. It is my hope that our young scholars will develop an appreciation for this discipline as well. 

While not all math concepts discussed will be used throughout their lives, each skill is a piece to a larger puzzle of understanding that reaches beyond mathematics into all disciplines. The work is sometimes difficult, but persevering through adversity is, quite possibly, the most critical skill any child can acquire. We are all here to assist them through these difficulties in any way we can. I believe our main goal should always be to grow good people rather than just good readers or mathematicians!

Thank you for sharing your families and for the support you give to our learning community at Copper Trails! Please contact me if I can lend my support to you and your scholars! 

~Ryan Verlei