Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


Copper Trails School has created a school-wide code of conduct in order to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment for all children where students have primary responsibility for their actions.  This code of conduct is to be followed:

Anytime students on are school property, before, during and after school, at all school sponsored activities and during transportation of students 

1.  I respect other people in my words and/or actions.

I will not fight.

I will not verbally, physically, or sexually harass, abuse, or harm any student or staff member. This would include cyber bullying also.

I will play without pushing or shoving.

I will not bully or tease other students by myself or as part of a group.

I will listen and answer politely when spoken to.

I will not use bad language.


2.  I will move from one area of the school to another calmly with respect for others.

I will line up or go to class when required to do so.

I will wait calmly and quietly when required to do so.                                               

I will always walk quietly at school without running.


3.  I will respect the school timetable.

I will arrive at school on time every day.

I will not waste time while going places on campus.

I will report directly to the bus area or parent pick-up after school.


4.  I will wear proper clothing suited to seasonal weather.

I will follow the adopted dress code of the Avondale Elementary School District.

I will not wear hats or any headdress.

I will tuck my shirt in should it become untucked or after playing.


5.  I will respect all property and the school  environment.

I will not vandalize or place graffiti on any school property.

(permanent markers are not allowed at school)

I will not possess, use or sell tobacco, drugs, drug look-alikes, drug paraphernalia or alcohol.

I will not possess lewd or inappropriate materials.

I will not possess weapons or look-alikes.

I will take care of all school materials given to me to use.

I will not touch or disturb other people’s property.

I will keep my classroom and the school clean and always throw all trash away.


6.  I will play and behave in a safe and appropriate manner at all times.

I will not play violently, play fight, or wrestle at school.

I will stay in my assigned area.

I will use the playground and equipment properly.

I will not throw or kick any objects such as sand, rocks, and sticks.

I will use technology safely and appropriately following the guidelines set forth on the AESD Student Technology User Agreement.


Engaging in the following will result in an immediate office referral:
•    Fighting of any kind
•    Threatening/Harassing another person
•    Aggression towards others
•    Vandalism of any kind


The Code of Conduct is not intended to be all-inclusive