Volunteer Form

Volunteer's Needed
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I will need some volunteers to work with me this year. If you are interested in helping out please fill out this form and return it to school with your child. I will contact you (or send items home) when I need you assistance in the area you marked. Thank you for your willingness to help out with our class. Your time is greatly appreciated!!

Please check the area(s) in which you are able to help.

___________One morning per week helping students/reading
                    ______________________day preferred

___________Doing work at home (preparing materials, etc.)

___________Working at school copying/filing/projects
                    ______________________day/time preferred

___________Party/Special Event planner - contacting parents, organizing, etc.

___________Other areas of interest or talent (please list):

Name(Print)_________________________ Phone__________________

Child's Name___________________________